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Superchem Industries

A Case Study


SUPERCHEM INDUSTRIES is a Toronto-based industrial and janitorial supply company. Clients include commercial & retail, apartment & condominium, waste management, food service, and educational sites.

Superchem often receives Purchase Orders from their clients where they deliver product on a timely basis.


The Challenge

Customers receive their Orders with a Packing Slip, and the receiving agent signs a copy of the document, which is then returned and stored at Superchem head-office.

The problem came about where a few customers were not submitting payment for their Orders and Receivables were well-overdue. Upon inquiry, we discovered that there may have been disagreement as to the Orders. Superchem Management wanted to email copies of the Invoice along with the signed Packing Slip to their Customer contact person to verify the Orders.

The problem is that this involved many steps and handling of paper copies of documents. This translated into wasting a lot of time.

The Solution

As soon as Superchem now receives the signed Packing Slip, they scan the document into the computer. The file name given for the document is the same # as the Invoice (since by this time, the Invoice # is already known).

When management now wishes to email the Customer the outstanding Invoice along with the signed Packing Slip documents, this can all be handled from within Adagio Order Entry.

Invoices are sent to the Email Queue. Adagio allows us to select any pending email to add additional file-attachments. In this case, it is easy for us to simply find and attach the scanned Packing Slip document, since the Packing Slip # matches the same number as the Invoice.

The Result

Superchem no longer has to leave Adagio, open other email documents or fidget with physical files and papers. All supporting documentation can be sent electronically to the Customer easily from the one application.

Questions or disputes on the part of the Customer have diminished, payments have improved, which in turn helps Cash Flow and lowers outstanding Receivables – Sweet!

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