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Distribution Solutions

Adagio Offers Outstanding Inventory Management, Purchase Order & Order Entry Control

Taking Distribution Companies to the Next Level

You are a Distribution organization conducting business with revenues between $1M-$100M annually. You are struggling to control and manage your Inventory, Receivables and Payables. Demands are increasing and becoming more complex. Among your issues:

  • Maintaining numerous Pricing Levels
  • Intricate Purchase Orders
  • On-demand display & reporting of Inventory Levels, by Location

Adagio has been designed to address the needs of organizations involved in Distribution.

Regain Control of Your Business

Improve order taking & line item fill rates by implementing Adagio. Reduce costs when your Inventory is accurate, managed well and easily accessible. Intensify your marketing efforts – analyze live data and generate up-to-date management reports.

The right system ensures that are on top of the game. Improve collections; minimize bad debts with detailed Customer Notes and Alerts. Benefit from a system that assists you in your decision-making.

Adagio Inventory
  • A complete multi-location stock management and control system which tracks purchases, receipts, shipments, returns, and adjustments with ease.
  • Inventory supports multiple costing methods and units of measure.
  • Setup Special Pricing by Customer or Product Line.
  • Display Qty’s by Location with up-to-date values.

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Adagio Order Entry
  • Automate your sales order entry and invoicing, giving you the ability to manage backorders, future orders, standing orders, invoices, and credit notes.
  • The module allows for copying and restoring of orders between customers, complete with order re-pricing from inventory as new order are created.
  • Orders can be imported from external systems or web-stores. Complete order, invoice and credit note history is maintained.

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Adagio Receivables & SalesCQ (Contacts & Quotes)

Add Customers and Prospects, Contact and Quote management to your Operational Suite with Adagio SalesCQ. It combines the information in Receivables, Order Entry, and Invoices with contact and quote management features such as callback dates, reasons and reports, individual or mail merge emails, letters or faxes.

More About Adagio SalesCQ

Adagio Sales Analysis

Capture critical sales data at the detail level to allow for refined analysis with online inquiry, statistics, charting, and reporting. Transactions summarized in Adagio GridView produce Management Reporting, Salesperson’s analysis for Commission calculations, as well as on-demand analysis by Item, Category/Product Line, Region, Customer, etc.

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Adagio Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Orders enhances your Adagio solution for distribution, job costing, project management or budgeting control.
  • Print, email, or fax professional looking, fully graphical Purchase Orders and send to your vendors.
  • Create Requisitions and turn into Purchase Orders. Generate multiple sub-orders to multiple vendors in multiple currencies, and/or ship-to addresses on a single order.

More About Adagio Purchase Orders


Adagio JobCost

Job Cost is completely integrated with Adagio Receivables, Payables, Invoices and Purchase Orders, and allows you to profitably measure and track all your jobs or projects. Recognize revenue and expenses as each job progresses.

More About Adagio JobCost

Purchasing and Procurement
  • Transactions can be conducted in many currencies
  • Purchase Order often involve more than one Vendor (You buy the product from Vendor A, Vendor B receives the product for further processing, and it is shipped by Vendor C)
  • Your Internal Buyer will benefit from visibility to previous vendor purchases, product costs from different vendors, Inventory Qtys and forecasted demands, as well as additional Item information, all necessary in the planning & procurement of product
  • With EDI we have to be flexible – Every trading partner has their own unique quirks
  • Avoid duplicate transactions – there is no reason for your data entry clerks to re-key Orders that are received through EDI
  • Adagio has a very tight integration with EDI
Sophisticated Reporting
  • Management needs to track costs and sales based on different variables – Product Line, Salesperson, Region, Date Ranges, etc.
  • Adagio offers superior reporting capabilities. Produce the reporting that will benefit your organization
Light Assembly
  • Distributors may not require complex product configuration, yet there may be some re-packaging, kitting or light Bill of Materials
  • Adagio Inventory offers Bill of Materials to assist with assemblies
Web-store Integration
  • Link the back-office accounting system with the front-end web-store
  • New Customers should have their profiles transferrable between the two applications
  • Likewise, Orders received from the web-store need to be transferred into the Order Entry system, reviewed and verified before proceeding with the fulfillment
  • Adagio enables us to transfer all web-store Orders into the Accounting System
  • There is no reason that your staff has to enter web-orders from scratch when you use Adagio
 The S Kopstick & Associates Advantage
  1. We have been Adagio Certified since the product’s inception. In the past we have supported a number of popular high-end accounting products, but we have channeled all our efforts into Adagio, simply because it is awesome!
  2. We work with and support other Distribution organizations similar to yours. We have had to deal with issues and come up with solutions. We have developed an expertise in the Distribution Industry and we continue to service this industry with passion.
  3. We have an excellent rapport with Softrak, the makers of Adagio. We communicate with them every week, and regularly attend their Dealer Training and conferences.

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