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Frequently Asked Questions About Adagio Accounting.
Why should we consider Adagio?

Softrak is a privately-owned Canadian company. They run their own operations using their own software. The team at Softrak understands business. They have developed Adagio with one objective – make the system work for businesses and organizations, and make it work well!

Adagio has been designed especially well. Softrak consistently concentrates on improving the system for the end-users and for the business owners who invest in this product. Throughout Adagio, all the modules offer common features so that the learning-curve is not steep.

Softrak understands business.

They know companies would like to record all their transactions efficiently. They know that business people are called upon to summarize data to produce meaningful ad-hoc reports quickly. And they know that these reports often have to be distributed to individuals not using Adagio.

Using Adagio “Styles and Filters” (found in almost all the modules), as well as the GridView module, users can generate and summarize data rapidly. With a single mouse-click, these views can be exported to Excel, and a surprisingly professional presentation spreadsheet can be further analyzed and/or emailed to the appropriate contacts.

Do not be misled – Adagio is a very robust and feature-rich system, with a large and growing following of pleased Adagio users.

Who uses Adagio?

Adagio is designed for organizations that manage $2 to $100 million in sales revenue, with significant transaction volume and at least one person responsible for managing those transactions. Most Adagio users formerly used Accpac Plus (DOS), QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, other entry-level accounting systems, as well as Sage Accpac ERP and other accounting systems.

We have found that Adagio is an exceptionally good fit for companies that either are outgrowing their current systems, or are frustrated with the limitations of their current applications.

How can S Kopstick & Associates help us?

We have been authorized and certified with Softrak for over 25 years.

We are committed to Adagio. In our professional assessment, this product by far offers the best “bang for your buck”.

We have been supporting Adagio since Day One. More than any other accounting software company that we have worked with in the past, we find that Softrak is the most responsive. Their Technical Support Team is exceptionally knowledgeable and always available.

We constantly attend dealer training and we use Adagio in-house as well. We have a number of clients using Adagio, and we often are called upon to assist our clients using Adagio.

In S Kopstick & Associates you are investing in years of experience and passion. Our business philosophy: Offer our clients professional service, respect the confidentiality of our clients, and deliver on our commitments.

Can we convert our current data to Adagio?

If you are coming off Accpac Plus (DOS), the conversion is instantaneous! We will have you transferred over to Adagio in a matter of hours.

If you are coming from Sage Accpac ERP, QuickBooks, Simply Accounting, or another accounting system we will convert your data to Adagio and maintain all your G/L history. We will work with you to create Excel spreadsheets of your Customers, Vendors, Inventory Items as well as other key data. We will ask you to review your records, make corrections and remove obsolete data. Once ready, we will import the records into Adagio so that you will be starting with clean data. Very early into the conversion we will prepare your company data and import it into Adagio. We will create a test-environment with your company data, so that the training and design of the forms will be very meaningful to you and your staff.

Because of the design of Adagio, we believe that your operations can be transferred to Adagio significantly quicker than other high-end systems. This often translates to a less-expensive and quicker conversion, compared to other high-end systems.

For these reasons and more, you owe it to yourself to investigate Adagio Accounting. Call us at 416-758-8637, or schedule an appointment for a free online demonstration.

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