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Not For Profit Solutions

Softrak offers special discounts and software bundles on Adagio Accounting for Not For Profits.

Adagio lets Not For Profits concentrate on producing results, not on administration!

  • Adagio will generate all your financials and reporting.
  • You no longer have to be late producing detailed Financial Statements and other reports.
  • Use Adagio to save you time and countless extra data-entry with features such as Recurring Entries, and the Copy/Move features in many of the applications.
  • Convert any screen-view into an impressive and professional-looking Excel worksheet with automatic filters built in, with a single-click, and print or email the report to you colleagues.

Adagio addresses the challenges of non-profit organizations with its offerings of over 20 integrated modules. You can automate your office with as little as Adagio Ledger and Payables, or you can enhance your system by adding additional functionality as required.

Does your Not For Profit Organization sound like this?

“My biggest pain is the lack of reporting capabilities. I wish my system offered more detailed reporting.”

“Budget and Job Cost are very important and often used here.”

“Our Finance Department has a real need to control and report on all aspects of our operations – often we have to respond to our Board and generate reports for new requests, quickly!”

Adagio Ledger
  • Set up as many Accounts and Departments as you require.
  • Close your year to a single or multiple Retained Earnings accounts.
  • Adagio Ledger account inquiry allows you to check current account balances, current and historical net posted transactions by period, and budget amounts.
  • Set up automatic re-allocations of account balances to other accounts or departments.
  • Post transactions in summary or detail format.
  • Date sensitivity makes sure that transactions are posted to the applicable period.
  • Locate account information quickly using Adagio Ledger’s customizable grid, or enter your 6 character account code directly.
  • Easily locate accounts using their description or other remembered data.
  • Double click on an account to put all its information at your fingertips including monthly balance, budget, and transaction information, all in one place.
  • Provisionally post transactions to verify their impact on your trial balance prior to committing them.
  • Retrieve transactions from your subsidiary ledgers.
  • Year end close automatically creates the correct entries to your Retained Earnings accounts.

More About Adagio Ledger

Adagio Financial Reporter
  • The Financial Reporter is included with the Ledger module, and provides an unlimited variety of financial reports.
  • Drill down from any figure on the financial statement to display the details.
  • Comments and notes can be added in rows or columns which can be hidden when financial statements are printed.
  • Departmental financial statements can be selected and printed as a group.
  • Send financial reports, complete with formatting, to Excel with the ExcelDirect button.
  • And finally, users who only print financial statements are prevented from making unintentional changes to the design of the financial statement.

More About Adagio Financial Reporter

Adagio Payables
  • Record your vendor addresses and contact information, and use customizable optional fields for your vendors.
  • Group your vendors by control accounts.
  • Manage early payment discounts automatically.
  • Accurately allocate invoice expenses to multiple G/L accounts.
  • Batch transaction management ensures accurate data entry and accounting controls.
  • Record invoices, cheques and adjustments against vendor accounts.
  • Locate vendor information quickly using Adagio Payables’ customizable grid, or enter their 6 character vendor code directly.
  • Double click on a vendor to put all their account information at your fingertips-contact information, account statistics and transactions with drill-down information, all in one place.
  • Tight audit control on cheque production increases your peace of mind.
  • Adagio Payables supports multiple bank accounts – as many as you need.
  • Place your logo and other graphic elements to add impact to your cheque.
  • Adagio Payables contains a complete set of reports for file and account management.
  • Aging periods are user definable.
  • Payables maintains a great deal of statistical information as well as an interface to vendor transactions, with the option to view current and historical transactions.

More About Adagio Payables

Adagio Receivables & Invoices
  • Manage your customer/client accounts with complete aging and analysis reports.
  • Statements and automatic interest processing encourage prompt payment.
  • Municipalities can track every householder in their community.
  • As well, you can summarize & review every communication that you have had with your taxpayers.
  • Accurately allocate invoice revenue to multiple G/L accounts.
  • Transaction batch management ensures accurate data entry and accounting controls.
  • Record invoices, cash receipts and adjustments against client accounts.
  • Match payments to invoices for open item customers or simplify cash application with balance forward customers.
  • Multiple control accounts allow easy management of several “classes” of customers.
  • Locate client information quickly using Adagio Receivables’ customizable grid, or enter their 6 character alphnumeric client code directly.
  • Double click on a client to put all their account information at your fingertips-contact information, account statistics and transaction information, all in one place.
  • Adagio Receivables contains a complete set of reports for file and account management.
  • Aging periods are user definable. If you need to send out Customer Statements, you can format your statements with customizable aging to make sure your account gets attention.
  • Adagio Invoices allows you to combine unlimited line items, lengthy descriptions and flexible formatting with powerful archival batch management for recurring invoicing.
  • Create and print professional invoices with you logo and organizational information.
  • Allocate each line item to the appropriate GL Account & Dept.
  • The Invoicing module can save you hours of rekeying with the recurring billing and powerful archive batch features.

More About Adagio Receivables

Adagio JobCost

Job Cost is completely integrated with Adagio Receivables, Payables, Invoices and Purchase Orders. This module allows you to measure, track and report on all your jobs or projects. This module provides users an additional level of tracking specific jobs/projects while accurately capturing your transactions and your day-to-day transactions.

More About Adagio JobCost

Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Orders enhances your Adagio solution for distribution, job costing, project management or budgeting control.
  • Print, fax, or email professional looking, fully graphical Purchase Orders to your vendors.
  • Create Requisitions, approve, and turn into Purchase Orders.
  • Generate multiple sub-orders to multiple vendors in multiple currencies, and/or ship-to addresses on a single order.

More About Adagio Purchase Orders

 Our Exceptional, Professional Service and Support
  1. We have been Adagio Certified since the product’s inception. We have channeled all our efforts into this product, simply because it is awesome!
  2. We work with and support other non-profit organizations similar to yours. We have had to deal with issues and come up with solutions.
  3. We have an excellent rapport with Softrak, the makers of Adagio. We communicate with them every week, and regularly attend their Dealer Training and conferences.

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