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Features & Benefits

Our Top Seven Features & Benefits of Adagio Accounting
Reduce Time Spent On Data Entry
  • Recover deleted or posted G/L batches when necessary
  • Copy Orders, Invoices or Credit Notes and other transactions, and then modify only what is needed
  • Customize settings – Numerous short-cuts and User Preferences
  • Modify entry templates – Skip over fields not required for data entry
  • Many options in G/L Journal Entry transactions to speed up entries
  • Enter transactions directly from the keyboard, without having to use the mouse
  • Work quicker – save thousands of keystrokes each day
  • Generate transactions more quickly
Highlight Important Information Instantly with Adagio “Styles & Filters”

Filter your records with a single click! Apply colour codes within large lists of Inventory Items, Vendors, Customers as well as other lists. Styles and Filters are based on specific criteria that you create. Quickly displaying and identifying relevant information.

  • Restrict the view to Vendors or Customers where the Current Balance > $1000 (or whatever $ amt you choose)
  • Flag Customers where YTD Sales for the Current Year = $0.00 but the Previous Year > $1000. (These are the customers we want to target our marketing – customers who have purchased in previous years)
  • Display all Customers where Last Invoice Date is earlier than xx/xx/xx (i.e. a Date value)
  • Display all Items where there have been no sales in the current month
  • Find what you are looking for rapidly
  • Flag key data so that it jumps out at the user
  • Export the list to an impressive Excel report with a single mouse click for further analysis
  • Use the results of your View in mail merge applications
Superior Departmental Reporting in G/L

The Financial Reporter in Adagio offers presentation-quality financial statements with just a few clicks of the mouse. The Reporter is simple to operate, yet is impressive in its feature-set. It is designed with the flexibility of spreadsheet applications.

Statements can be generated for an organization as a whole, for individual Departments, or for a range of Departments. Statements can easily be run for different Periods within the Reporter, by simply modifying the reporting Period.

Users can be prevented from making unintentional design-changes to the financial statements by being granted print-permissions only.


  • Generate Departmental statements individually, as a group, or consolidated
  • Run Statements for any Period or Fiscal Year – data is always available
  • Export Statements to Excel with the click of a single button
No-Fee Video & Webinar Training

There are currently about 85 three-minute videos reviewing specific functions as well as valuable tips. As well, there are approximately 40 one-hour training webinars.

Both the videos and webinars cover topics from all modules, and are available at no additional fee to all Customers registered on the Upgrade Plan.


  • Reduce your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)
  • This one feature greatly enhances your investment in Adagio, and saves you money! Training can easily consume hundreds to thousands of dollars
  • The Videos are short and thus easy for users to review their content
  • Learn when you want, where you want – view and learn from the recorded sessions on the weekends, evenings, anywhere that you have an internet connection.
Rapid Excel Export

Send details to Excel on tons of screens with the click of a single button. The Excel button is available from every single module on numerous screens. Using the Adagio “Smart-Finder” or the “Styles and Filters”, users can easily create their own list/report and export the information to Excel with one click of the mouse.


  • Capture key data quickly and effortlessly to Excel, for further analysis and/or for distribution to key players not running Adagio
Email/Fax Documents to Contacts Quickly

Send Order Confirmations, Invoices, Customer Statements and other documents as pdf attachments in emails to your Contacts.


  • Lookup and electronically re-send past documents while speaking to contacts over the telephone
  • Automatically have Adagio include all open Invoices as attachments along with your monthly Customer Statements
Superior Data Recovery

Mistakes happen! Data corruption from loss of electrical power can happen. Anything can happen.

Adagio is a modular system. Users purchase and use only the modules that they need. In many accounting systems, if there is data corruption or a need to restore from an earlier version, everyone on the system is affected. No one can continue until the issue is corrected. Everything stops! A problem in Payables is also a problem in Order Entry. Not so Adagio! Adagio is the only high-end system that we know of that that when there is data corruption in one module, the system allows you to continue processing in the non-effected modules, without any data integrity problems. A problem in Payables is a problem only in Payables. The Order Entry team is not brought to a halt.

Does your accounting system offer this? Adagio does!


  • The whole Organization does not have to suffer because one user has a need to restore data from just one module

For these reasons and more, you owe it to yourself to investigate Adagio Accounting. Call us at 416-758-8637, or schedule an appointment for a free online demonstration.

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