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Just about every Accounting Software comes with reports that are fairly standard.

Typically, you have a report that displays Customers & their profile. The profile may include the Customer address with their phone #’s, the Contact information & other details. Contact information may include Tel #’s, email addresses and website. As well, there will be an Aging report.

But what happens when your manager asks for a report that is formatted in a way that is not typically available? For example, display all those Customers with an Overdue Outstanding Balance. Let’s say that the manager wants to customize this view: Display the Customer # & Company Name, the Contact Person, the Tel #, the Amounts Outstanding. As well, we would like to see the Current YTD Sales and Last Year’s Sales. Finally, you would like to include the Salesperson in the view.

What the manager wants is to generate this list and export it to Excel. He will then email each of his Salespersons their list of Customers with the specifics, and ask them contact their Customers, in order to speed up the collections.

This Report or View must display all this information (but nothing more). And, let’s see if we can generate this list each and every week?

Now what?

Speak to us. We have found software that is perhaps the most adaptable to generate this information.

Adagio Accounting allows us to create this view in just a few minutes. And once created, we will add this View to the Customer List. This becomes a simple pull-down option among all the other various Views. No additional modules or third-party products are needed here.

And, with a one-button click, Adagio Accounting will export the list to Excel in a smart formatted spreadsheet, which will include only the columns of data that you want to display.

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