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Switching Is Easy

If you are converting from Accpac Plus to Adagio, your conversion will be instantaneous!

Fast Conversion With All Your History

Adagio was originally designed to run with the same data files as Accpac Plus. Even now, after numerous Adagio updates, the data still translates across in a matter of minutes (depending on the size of your data, assuming that your data files pass the Data Integrity Check).

When converting from other software, the speed to get up and running can be strikingly quick. The first step will be to export your data from your current system into Excel or CSV files. We will then work with you to massage the data, eliminate duplicates and obsolete data. Once you feel that the data is clean and ready, we will import it into the various Adagio modules.

We will maintain and import all your GL history, so that you can continue to run comparisons to previous periods.

Training And Support

While we are preparing your data, we will also prepare your staff. Training on the modules will be arranged on-site at your office, and we will prepare a sample company with relevant data this is recognizable and meaningful to your company. Staff will train with relevant sample data, and we will concentrate on tasks that are most important to your day-to-day operations.

Once the Go-Live date is selected, we will arrange to be on-site to address all training issues and questions.

Get Immediate Benefits

When you choose Adagio and S Kopstick & Associates, we work closely with you. Our objective is to get your organization operational as soon as possible, and for you to start experiencing immediate benefits from your switch to Adagio. Our goal in this project matches your goal – to install an efficient system and allow you to concentrate on running your organization smoothly and profitably.

For these reasons and more, you owe it to yourself to investigate Adagio Accounting. Call us at 416-758-8637, or schedule an appointment for a free online demonstration.
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