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Samuel was a key element in our conversion to Adagio. We interviewed a number of other certified consultants, and I knew within minutes of our phone conversation that Samuel was the man for us. Since the initial installation onsite at our Pittsburgh office, Samuel has supported us remotely via internet from his office in Toronto. Samuel never skips a beat. He is always checking in, and often thinks of ways to improve our system. His background as a teacher is invaluable. Working with him has been nothing less than "excellent". We could not ask for a better consultant.

Lester Frischman

President / Owner

I would never use any other accounting software. I find the software provides the rigour that is needed out of an accounting software package and has a good system of checks and balances.

As a charity, the special non-profit pricing makes the package affordable and the software gives me the assurance that our records will meet the tests of the auditors.

Samuel Kopstick has provided amazing support from the very beginning – as I was learning the software, he did a lot of hand-holding and was always happy to do so. He is responsive and the very few issues that do arise are dealt with promptly. Samuel has happily provided support on upgrades and new installations, as well issues such as opening new fiscal years and so forth.

Hannah Mestel


Due to the nature of our business, we maintain over 50 custom price lists for very specific items. Adagio has enabled us to easily manage this with ease.

Samuel has created numerous custom reports which we are able to run daily, weekly, and monthly.

Adagio has made standing by the filing cabinet obsolete. We look up customer history and within seconds re-print outstanding invoices easily. We access the system off site and enter orders, print quotes, delivery slips and price lists anywhere in the world.

Sam is always available, and trains us with clarity. If ever he is unable to come to our site, he can link up to our system and “take over the steering wheel”, and have us up in running very fast. It’s always professional service with a smile!

Sam Urman

Co-Owner / Director

We used to run two reports a day. A pre-report at Noon and then after 2:00 pm, the final report. And each would take NO LESS than 35 minutes. What you did for us was "priceless", " life changing ". NEED I SAY MORE?

Bobby Bennett

Co-Owner, Kilo Gateaux

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