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Kilo Gateaux

A Case Study


KILO GATEAUX is a Montreal pastry & dessert wholesale bakery. They specialize in providing great tasting cakes to cafés and restaurants throughout Québec.

When I met them in 2012, I discovered that they would generate daily Route Sheets for their drivers and Product Labels to be applied to each box containing the desserts ordered by their Customers.


The Challenge

Each day, Kilo would run a custom FoxPro application based on the previous 24-hour Orders. This process would take 35 minutes. All staff would have to exit from their Adagio programs during this time, as the FoxPro application only worked when it had exclusive rights.

Once Product Labels were generated, staff would take colour highlighters and by hand, would colour-code each of the various Labels.

The Solution

We rewrote a custom application in MS-Access, pointing to the data in Adagio.

We made use of Optional Fields in Adagio Inventory, and we linked to Adagio Order Entry, Inventory and Accounts Receivable, using Adagio ODBC.

The Result

  • Kilo now generates the Route Sheets in 2 minutes (down from 35 minutes – an improvement greater than 90%!).
  • No one has to exit Adagio when the Sheets and Labels are now generated.
  • We make use of their colour-printer, so that all the labels automatically have the proper colours applied.
  • A careful analysis allowed us to re-engineer their operations for a significant improvement in their daily processes.
We used to run two reports a day. A pre-report at Noon and then after 2:00 pm, the final report. And each would take NO LESS than 35 minutes. What you did for us was “priceless”, ” life changing “. NEED I SAY MORE?
Bobby Bennett

Co-Owner, Kilo Gateaux

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